The curriculum at Base Camp Coding Academy is anything but static. For our graduates to be competitive in the marketplace, we expect them to be proficient in the latest tools, and ready to learn whatever comes next. Our committee of industry leaders meets quarterly to review the latest advancements in this space, and make adjustments to the curriculum as necessary. Details of the curriculum can be found here.

How we prepare our students to deliver business value on day 1


Every developer needs a solid foundation. Our students learn how to turn problems into solutions as they learn the Python programming language.

html, css, and javascript

Front End
The web is everywhere, and so are our students. They bring their newfound skills to the browser as they learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Back End
Our students learn the fundamentals of backend web development with the Django web framework. We write out HTTP requests and responses by hand, predict what SQL will be generated by our ORM, and provide rich input validation.


Base Campers learn how to work effectively in an Object-Oriented environment as they revisit their fundamentals in Java. Students appreciate the similarities and differences between tools as compare their past experiences in Python and JavaScript with Java.


We finish our Java coverage by revisiting web development with the Spring web framework. Students build full stack web applications with Spring MVC and send hand-crafted SQL to their PostgreSQL instance with JDBC.

What You Want
Call it free onboarding. We work with employers to make sure Base Camp graduates are prepared for their workplace.